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50WEAPONSCD03 | Released: 2011-08-26

Cosmin TRG - Simulat

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Cosmin TRG - Amor y Otros
Cosmin TRG - Ritmat
Cosmin TRG - Infinite Helsinki
Cosmin TRG - Want You to Be
Cosmin TRG - Interstellar Inflight Entertainment
Cosmin TRG - Fizic
Cosmin TRG - Star Motel
Cosmin TRG - Less of Me, More of You
Cosmin TRG - Osu Xen
Cosmin TRG - Lillasyste
Cosmin TRG - Samiska
Cosmin TRG - Form Over Function

CD Infos

Limited first edition in heavy cardboard sleeve.

01. Amor Y Otros
02. Ritmat
03. Infinite Helsinki
04. Want You To Be
05. Interstellar Inflight Entertainment
06. Fizic (CD ONLY)
07. Star Motel
08. Less Of Me, More Of You
09. Osu Xen
10. Lillasyster
11. Samiska
12. Form Over Function

General Infos

Restless Romanian producer Cosmin TRG is set to release his debut artist album, Simulat, on August 26th 2011 courtesy of Modeselektor’s boutique imprint, Fifty Weapons.

It’s his constant innovation since breaking through in 2007 which has earned Cosmin a deserving reputation with the electronic elite. In that time, the now Berlin based DJ, producer and live performer has amassed an enviable discography which traverses a number of ghostly styles, moods and tempos. Coming on an appropriately diverse array of labels including Hessle Audio, Rush Hour and Hemlock, as well as BPitch, Tempa and Fifty Weapons, it has marked out the Romanian as a distinguished producer with a discernable voice all his own.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the debut Cosmin TRG album is as considered as it is. Sure, there are tracks which will work both on and off the dancefloor, but it’s the way they’re threaded together and make for one cohesive and coherent statement overall that stands them apart. Made up of 12 new tracks, each has been exclusively produced for the album whilst CD-only track ‘Fizic’ is to be the lead single, due for release in mid June.

Opening on a typically solid but simultaneously surfing groove (which sits, as ever, somewhere outside genre boundaries as we know them) things are alluringly urgent and typically textured from the off. Taking appropriate detours into deeper pockets; areas of warm analogue ambiance and abstract alien sounds, there are traces of everything that has gotten Cosmin to this point so far, all re-visioned with an ever shifting focus. To call the album so-and-so house or some sort of techno doesn’t do it any sort of justice.

Quite simply, it’s an all new language … Once again confirming Cosmin to be a producer in constant experimental flux, Simulat speaks loudly of an essential talent.

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