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Release Date: 2013-09-27

Cosmin TRG - New Structures For Loving – Marcel Dettmann Remix / Noise Code – Lee Gamble Remix

  • 12"

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Cosmin TRG, Marcel Dettmann - New Structures for Loving - Marcel Dettmann Remix
Cosmin TRG, Lee Gamble - Noise Code - Lee Gamble Remix

12" Infos

A1: New Structures For Loving - Marcel Dettmann Remix

B1: Noise Code - Lee Gamble Remix

General Infos

It is very tempting and relatively easy to follow a proven path when you are a successfully established artist.

Full of risks, but ultimately more rewarding is an inventive and ever changing approach to music making.

Cosmin TRG´s sophomore album “Gordian” is a great example of an artist continuously pushing his own boundaries and denying genre limitations of any kind. It is a mature masterpiece. Not easy listening material, but a delightful listen, packed with plenty of rewarding oddities if you care to really take your time with it.

50 Weapons is preparing a series of remix singles to highlight the DJ aspects of the album.

What started with a personal wishlist from Cosmin TRG has turned into a series of splendid remixes.

The A-Side of the first volume hosts 50 Weapons affiliate and long time friend of the house Marcel Dettmann.

Unless you’ve had no internet for the last months, PAN artist Lee Gamble should be quite familiar to you by now.

His remix on the B-Side is a techno gem oscillating between sonic illusions and post-Detroit-techno.

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