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50WEAPONS040 | Released: 2015-10-09

19.94 & Cosmin TRG - Narr Day / Narr Day Remodulated

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1994 - Narr Day
Cosmin TRG - Narr Day Remodulated

12" Infos

19.94 / Cosmin TRG "Narr Day / Narr Day Remodulated" / 12inch heavy Vinyl (180g) (50WEAPONS040)

A1: Narr Day
B1: Narr Day Remodulated

General Infos


We start the finale of our 50WEAPONS countdown today. #40 is out of the bag and it’s a very special overture to what we have planned for the closing of the label.

19.94 is the first tune ever made by one of Berlin’s key electronic act and it should directly go up on the shelf of the very special editions, an absolute must have. All the flavours of the early days are combined in this minimal ambient techno tune made of the three main ingredients: a bass, a drone and a kick drum.

Cosmin TRG uses “Narr Day’s” dark pluckering drone as base for his modular synthesizer enhanced rework of the track. Dark and trippy techno rollidge for the head granted to be running on repeat in the techno caverns all over the world and keep the ravers on the floor for hours. SERIOUS!

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