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MTR112 | Released: 2021-04-23

Modeselektor - Mean Friend

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Modeselektor, Blixa Bargeld - Komm
Modeselektor - Un Amigo Malo
Modeselektor - Mean Friend - Instrumental
Modeselektor - Mean Boyfriend
Modeselektor, Telefon Tel Aviv - Mean Friend - Telefon Tel Aviv Remix
Modeselektor, DJ Stingray - Mean Friend - DJ Stingray Remix
Modeselektor, Giant Swan - Mean Friend - Giant Swan Remix
Modeselektor, Bob Weston, Iggor Cavalera - Brush Your Teeth Mean Friend

12"#1 Infos

140g Vinyl

A1_Mean Friend
A2_Mean Boyfriend

B1_Komm feat. Blixa Bargeld
B2_Mean Friend (DJ Stingray Remix)

12"#2 Infos

140g Vinyl

A1_Mean Friend (Giant Swan Remix)
A2_Brush Your Teeth Mean Friend feat. Bob Weston & Iggor Cavalera

B1_Mean Friend (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
B2_Un Amigo Malo

General Infos

Modeselektor’s new Extended mixtape consists of 27 previously unreleased tracks, and while the Berlin duo do want those tunes to be heard within the context of the mix, they’ve also decided that it wouldn’t be right to keep all of those tracks to themselves. The result is a series of EPs, each one built around a different Extended highlight.

First up is Mean Friend (based on the Extended-track Mean), and though the manic, synth-fueled gallop of the title track headlines the package, Modeselektor have also cooked up a number of alternate versions. Un Amigo Malo taps the brakes, transforming the song into a woozy, quasi-hip-hop cut, while the booming Mean Boyfriend trims the fat and ups the volume, leaving behind a chest-rattling drum workout. Other artists also lend a hand: Komm includes a spooky vocal turn from Einstürzende Neubauten frontman and former Bad Seeds member Blixa Bargeld, and the sludgy post-punk of Brush Your Teeth Mean Friend features the angular bass riffs of Shellac’s Bob Weston alongside the rapid-fire drumming of Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera.

On the remix front, Modeselektor have lined up a veritable murderers’ row, with Detroit electro don DJ Stingray, Bristol noiseniks Giant Swan and experimental explorer Telefon Tel Aviv all putting their own stamp on Mean Friend. Although the original song is clearly potent on its own, the real thrill of the Mean Friend EP is hearing how all of these artists — Modeselektor included — harness the track’s chaotic energy and usher its jagged rhythms in bold new directions.

While the digital release consists of 8 tracks, the vinyl versions are split in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, each holding 4 tracks.

Vinyl Vol. 1:

A1 – Mean Friend

A2 – Mean Boyfriend

B1 – Komm feat. Blixa Bargeld

B2 – Mean Friend (DJ Stingray Remix)

Vinyl Vol. 2:

A1 – Mean Friend (Giant Swan Remix)

A2 – Brush Your Teeth Mean Friend feat. Bob Weston & Iggor Cavalera

B1 – Mean Friend (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)

B2 – Un Amigo Malo

Digital Release:

1.Komm feat. Blixa Bargeld

2.Un Amigo Malo

3.Mean Friend

4.Mean Boyfriend

5.Mean Friend (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)

6.Mean Friend (DJ Stingray Remix)

7.Mean Friend (Giant Swan Remix)

8.Brush Your Teeth Mean Friend feat. Bob Weston & Iggor Cavalera



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