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MTR047 | Released: 2014-08-15

Dark Sky - Silent Fall

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Dark Sky - Silent Fall
Dark Sky - Odyssey

General Infos

Dark Sky launch their debut LP with an EP featuring two killer tracks from the album entitled ‘imagin.’

On the A-side, Silent Fall features the soulful vocal stylings of Grey Reverend. The Brooklyn based musician’s vocals fused with Dark Sky’s signature rolling bass and epic pads leaves the track in unchartered territory between James Blake and Moderat with beautiful effect.

On the B-side, Odyssey is a mean track, forged from shuffling dark electro with elements of balearic house. Destined to destroy big clubs and open air festivals the world over this summer with its metallic baseline and euphoric sci-fi stabs. A must have track for every house, techno, electro and bass DJ.