Release Date: 2019-07-26

Rhyw - Lurk Late

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Rhyw - IRL
Rhyw - Tap to Resume
Rhyw - Lurk Late
Rhyw - Triangle Escape

General Infos

With this release we welcome the Berlin based producer Alex Tsiridis aka Rhyw to the label.
Having released on imprints like Avian and Fever AM, Rhyw has built a reputation as an outstandingly crafty producer with a love for rich textures and stomping tunes. While constantly exploring and trying out different angles, he’s always operating on behalf of the modern dance floor.

These four tracks perfectly showcase his skills as a producer as well as a DJ who exactly knows what tracks need to be both functional and interesting, energetic and deep. „IRL“ takes off bouncy and crunchy, setting a dark yet uplifting mood that resembles classic Sandwell District records and runs trough the whole EP. „Tap To Resume“ is a subtle sledgehammer of a track, brilliantly orchestrated and designed. Same goes for the title track, a sinister half time excursion into creepy industrial aesthetics. Last track „Triangle Escape“ shows that it’s probably no coincidence that the EP’s title recalls cosmic horror stories like The Lurking Fear by H. P. Lovecraft. Rhyws productions share his thrilling intensity and minutiae in design, transformed into effective and elaborate club tools.

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