Release Date: 2014-08-29

Dark Sky - Imagin

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Dark Sky - Imagin
Dark Sky - Silent Fall
Dark Sky - Voyages
Dark Sky - Lucid
Dark Sky - Vivid
Dark Sky - Nothing Changes
Dark Sky - Odyssey
Dark Sky - Rainkist
Dark Sky - Manuka
Dark Sky - Purple Clouds

CD Infos

Pocketpac CD

1: Imagin
2: Silent Fall
3: Voyages
4: Lucid
5: Vivid
6: Nothing Changes
7: Odyssey
8: Rainkist
9: Manuka
10: Purple Clouds

2LP Infos

Vinyl 12" | 2x Gatefold 180g LP

A1: Imagin
A2: Silent Fall

B1: Voyages
B2: Lucid
B3: Vivid

C1: Nothing Changes
C2: Odyssey

D1: Rainkist
D2: Manuka
D3: Purple Clouds

General Infos

The long awaited debut LP from Dark Sky is not entirely what you might expect from the London trio. After a string of club focused 12″s they delve deep to deliver a tender and uplifting offering entitled ‘imagin.’ To the sworn fan it may come as a surprise, but it will prove to be a pleasant one, as the evolution from the analogue metallic sounds that shaped their past discography naturally mature and slide into the sound palette of imagin.

Through heavy consumption of music from across the spectrum the trio’s work has refined, and clearly echoes their heritage as kids of the 90’s, referencing numerous influences the decade processed – the album bears traces of funk, post rock, a thick layer of trip hop, even balearic house, bossa nova, disco, 80ies pop and ambient. All of it heavily reverberated, stirred and shaken in Dark Sky’s musical tumbler.

The outcome is captivating. Littered with sophisticated percussion, soft and subtle marimbas fused with sci-fi synths and tastefully delivered vocals throughout. Grey Reverend features on the lead single ‘Silent Fall’ to beautiful effect, with an outcome sitting somewhere between James Blake and Moderat. Elsewhere Cornelia (of Portico Quartet fame) delivers Elizabeth Fraser – like vocals on ‘Nothing Chances,’ ‘Vivid’ and ‘Purple Clouds’ providing a perfect soundtrack to the late summer.

Long standing Dark Sky fans will also be pleased to hear that there are more club orientated tracks on their too. ‘Odyssey’s’ dark spacey arpeggios and growling bass line reminds us of their seminal electro-roller ‘Confunktion,’ but comes delivered complete with euphoric almost balearic stabs and straight stacked 4 x 4 hi-hats. ‘Rainkist’ is a soul laced dance floor ballade featuring vocals from an unlikely source in the form of d-Bridge with huge crossover potential, and ‘Manuka’ finally brings back the breakbeat with its percussive far-east vibes that evoke Truth Hurts & Rakim’s ‘Addictive,’ which fittingly sums up this album.

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