Anstam "Dispel Dances" limited edition digipak / color CD


Fact Mag once wrote: "We don't know a lot about Anstam. No one does. That's part of the appeal.". Somehow we would like to keep it that way.

What we can reveal is the fact that Anstam used to be a duo of 2 brothers from Germany. They're responsible for a now legendary trilogy of 12″ releases in 2007-9 - ‘Brom', ‘Aeto' and ‘Cree' - that assimilated the hardest, most dystopian flavours of dubstep, grime and junglism into a disciplined, techno-savvy framework that betrays their Berlin provenance. And then....two long years passed without incident. In 2011 Anstam came back to life. First with a contribution to a split 10" with Phon.o on the B-Side (50WEAPONS011) and later with a new solo 12" named "Baldwin / Carmichael" (50WEAPONS012). Charted by Radiohead's Thom Yorke amongst many others, the first 3 new Anstam tracks in a long time have caused yet another stir in the electronic music community. A highly praised diverse, moody and dark podcast for Fact Mag in May has shown influences and favorites of the project.

Anstam played festivals like Mutek and Melt amongst others this year and has just finished a Radiohead Remix of "Separator" to be released in September.

50 Weapons is extremely proud to finally present the debut album "Dispel Dances". Once again a showcase of outstanding talent. Dark, vibrant atmospheres, lurking synths and the most crushingly dynamic, dead ON-IT beats you will hear all year.