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50WEAPONS046 | Released: 2015-01-20

Anstam & Monolake - Dolores / VT-100

  • 12"
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Anstam - Dolores
Monolake - VT-100

12" Infos

A1: Dolores

B1: VT-100

General Infos

Two masters of Sound Design join forces for this split 12”: Anstam and his wonderful “Dolores” and Monolake with his experimental techno track “VT-100”, which is solely made on the Linn Drum. We are very excited to welcome Monolake to 50WEAPONS, as we have been following Robert Henke’s work for a long time. Both tracks tap into the experimental side of 50WEAPONS, but this is obvious, considering the two names on this record.