Anstam "Stones & Woods" Limited Edition Orange Vinyl 2xLP incl. paperbag CD (50WEAPONSLP10)

Anstam's debut album "Dispel Dances" was GROOVE magazine's album of the month and did receive fantastic reviews worldwide. Now it's time for the even better follow up! More approachable than the debut album, but still a true piece of art. A bold statement of innovation and absolute perfection.

A1 / Morning Shiver Down The Black Wood River

A2 / Hope's Soliloquy

B1 / Me And Them

B2 / Heart's Soliloquy

C1 / My Dreams Are Made Of Steam

C2 / Handsome Dances The Dance

C3 / Time Will Show You Who I Am

D1 / The Herald And The Lamb

D2 / Shoulders