Shed "The Killer" 2xLP, Embossed Cover, Gatefold (50WEAPONSLP08)

So this is The Killer! After his debut-album "Shedding The Past" [2008] (the title is also the reason for his artist name) and the second one "The Traveller" [2010] both released on the Berghain owned label Ostgut Ton, now comes Sheds third attempt do ban all his types of Techno onto a long-player.

No gimmickry, serious signal noise, strong beat-patterns, massive power in the bass-area.

Rich in variety from like "Silent Witness" - a massive groover - over "I Come By Night" - a real big 4 To The Floor slammer - to nice and lovely melody tracks like "Gas up" or the album version of the pre-single track "The Praetorian".

Once again the album feels like one big piece. Every track accepts the subordinate role in this game. All tracks are hits. All tracks are the killer! Made for the pimped PA in your car, for home listening (at your neighbors costs) or also to enjoy with good headphones. Rave On! Wherever you are.

"Shed - The Killer" was produced in March 2012. Aimed to be more homogeneous, the album is first and foremost a true techno love story.