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Modeselektor – “Wake Me Up When it`s over”
Embroidered Sweater


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In Who Else, Modeselektor’s album released in 2019, the last track of the project is called Wake Me Up When It’s Over. A marvelous orgasmic ballad where we hear what resembles the moans of a man, accompanied by a long wonderful autotuned murmur that Modeselektor’s synthesizer turns into the perfect music to make a beautiful dream. The kind of dream you only want to wake up from when you’re sure it’s over.

The long winter nights are perfect moments to indulge in peaceful dreaming, but for that you need to be well covered. This warm embroidered Wake Me Up When It’s Over sweater is designed for this purpose.

If it suits our models, it necessarily suits our friends!

Unisex. Dark Grey. 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

Sizing (chest width / body length)
S – 55cm / 65cm
M – 57ccm / 67cm
L – 59cm / 71cm
XL – 61cm / 74cm

Listen to the namesake-track, released on their “Who Else” album in 2019 here.

Photo of Modeselektor © Birgit Kaulfuß