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In March Catnapp released a remix EP with six fresh reinventions of her 2020 “Damage EP”. Parts of that EPs income will be donated to ‘Vidanimal’, an organisation dedicated to support, assist and create awareness about animal welfare located in La Pampa, Argentina, where suffering and multiplying stray animals are a huge problem.

To further support this organization (which was recently cut-off from state financing) and to also make your clothing piece of choice look even better, we decided to rework the artwork into a sew-on patch.

By purchasing one of these beauties you automatically become a better person (presumably), since we donate 100% of the item’s profit (2€ per piece) to Vidanimal. You also get the chance to win a sold-out 12” Vinyl of Catnapp’s album “Break”.

6 cm x 6 cm

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