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MTR076S | Released: 2017-09-08

Siriusmo - Where Was I?

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Siriusmo - Comic
Siriusmo - Always Du
Siriusmo - Where Was I?

General Infos

This is a profound message from Siriusmo: „Everybody should listen to music, music is great!“

And his new single proves his point. With his third album Comic just around the corner, these three tracks introduce you to Moritz Friedrichs latest electronic action adventure. The single edit of „Comic“ teases the laid-back rave vibes of the album, while „Always Du“ is an all too beautiful combination of weird synth grooves and divine piano playing. Same goes for „Where Was I“, but here Friedrich takes the track to truly surrealist realms. Yep, quite sophisticated, but also a shit load of fun.