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MTR019 | Released: 2011-11-25

Lazer Sword - Sounds Sane / Klock

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Lazer Sword - Sounds Sane
Lazer Sword - Klock

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If you ask Lazer Sword about Lazer Sword you will get the following answer:

“LAZER SWORD is LOW LIMIT and LANDO KAL. Our music feels like surfing down the side of a volcano… CATCH THE WAVE!”

We caught it and immediately signed the project for Monkeytown Records.

“Sounds Sane / Klock” is the perfect teaser for the upcoming Lazer Sword album planned for spring 2012. Both tracks on this 10inch reflect heir trademark electro-funked dancefloor hip hop sound mixed with UK funky influences and uptempo, glitchy electronica.

Lazer Sword are the missing link between Modeselektor, eLan and Siriusmo and therefor a perfect addition to the exclusive label roster.