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MTR060 | Released: 2015-09-04

Gajek - Plaid & Alva Noto Remixes

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Gajek, Plaid - Curved Engines Pt. 04 - Plaid Remix
Gajek, alva noto - Restless Water Shapes Pt. 05 - Alva Noto Remodel

General Infos

Our newcomer Gajek is being remixed by two of electronics finest: ALVA NOTO and PLAID. Need we say more? We are extremely honored to release this fantastic work on Monkeytown, not only because we are big fans of the artists but also because both remixes prove real heavyweights on their own.

The tracks work very different angles:
Carsten Nicolai’s Alva Noto project turns the playful “Restless Water Shapes” into a stonecold dark bassline roller. You are welcomed into the sonorous temple of solemn and serious dancefloor business with a pumping kick and resonating reverb deemed to drain you of all your adrenaline.
On the flip Plaid bring up your oxytocin levels with bristling euphoric electronica letting a bright light shine into every corner of your mouth.

Guaranteed to make you smile, this package feels like an extremely fulfilling hypermodern clubnight compressed into just 2 tracks.

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