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MTR022 | Released: 2012-02-24

Mouse on Mars - Parastrophics

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Mouse On Mars - the beach stop
Mouse On Mars - chordblocker, cinnamon toasted
Mouse On Mars - metrotopy
Mouse On Mars - wienuss
Mouse On Mars - they know your name
Mouse On Mars - syncropticians
Mouse On Mars - cricket
Mouse On Mars - imatch
Mouse On Mars - polaroyced
Mouse On Mars - gearknot cherry
Mouse On Mars - bruised to imwimper
Mouse On Mars - baku hipster
Mouse On Mars - seaqz

CD Infos

ltd. First Edition Digipak CD!

01. The Beach Stop
01. Chordblocker, Cinnamon Toasted
03. Metrotopy
04. Wienuss
05. They Know Your Name
06. Syncropticians
07. Cricket
08. iMatch
09. Polaroyced
10. Gearknot Cherry
11. Bruised To Imwimper
12. Baku Hipster
13. Seaqz

General Infos

Over the course of ten albums – not to mention an avalanche of side projects, remixes and collaborations – Jan St Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars established themselves as two of the most inventive and unpredictable artists in electronic music. But since they delivered the bracing,angular salvo that was Varcharz back in 2006, there has been an uncharacteristic period of silence.

In 2012, that silence is broken. Mouse On Mars’ triumphant return comes in the shape of Parastrophics, a life-affirming and constantly surprising album which is crammed with ideas,exuberance and sheer kinetic energy. It’s like listening to the entire history of pop music – distilled,refined and crystallized into a string of compulsive new shapes, full of glitter, intrigue and addictive detail. Atomised fragments from two lifetimes of listening flare and fade, tiny scraps of memory shrapnel hover, tantalizing and insubstantial, before being whisked away by the next impatient idea.But despite all that restless curiosity, Parastrophics also demonstrates a peerless command of pace. Whereas some previous Mouse On Mars releases have bordered on the frenetic, their latest displays a subtle but persuasive sense of control. Even when tempos climb, 303s squirm and kick / snare patterns snap to brisk attention, there’s an elegance to the way that each element slips in and out of the mix which speaks, whisper it, of maturity. Parastrophics is as a playful as ever, but it’s never throwaway. The closing track „Seaqz“ is a gorgeous slice of space-age mood music, measured in tone despite all its microscopic activity, and it brings into focus the beguiling sense of confidence that suffuses the whole record. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that, after six years away, Mouse On Mars have come back with their best record yet.

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