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MTRRSD2015 | Released: 2015-04-18

Various Artists - MTR – RMX – RSD – 2015

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Robot Koch, Curtain Blue, Born In Flamez, Alex Banks - Let Me - Alex Banks Remix
Dark Sky, Anstam - Manuka - Anstam's Saint Seclusive Edit
Mouse On Mars, Tyondai Braxton, Gajek - Off Sea - Gajek Remix

General Infos

For this year’s Record Store Day, the Monkeys offer you a set of tunes released on Monkeytown Records in 2014, however freshly remixed by other Monkeytown artists in 2015:

Alex Banks remixes the brand new Robot Koch track “Let Me”, off his Monkeytown debut EP “TSUKI”.
On the flip, you’ll find an Anstam edit of a Dark Sky track taken from their debut full length “imagin”.
And last but surely not least Gajek remixes a collaborative effort from Mouse On Mars & Tyondai Braxton – “Off Sea” was released as part of MoM’s 21st anniversary compilation featuring collaborations with their friends, heroes and musical partners in crime.