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Modeselektor – Facemelt Monkey


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In 2012, Modeselektor came for the third time to shake up the Melt Festival, Ferropolis, and offered their friends on the other side of the stage this t-shirt, which at the time was a brand new product.

Ferropolis, south of Berlin, looks strangely like a ghost town, a graveyard of scrap metal where global warming would probably in a few years dry up the remaining vegetation in the ground and where a monkey, if a monkey were to accidentally end up in this place, would have no chance of survival and its body would quickly start to melt under the scorching sun… Fortunately, there is absolutely no risk of this happening! Wait…what?!

Let’s remember the lively moments… 10 years later, the monkey is still alive, Modesleektor too, and the t-shirt is back in stock for the first time since 2012. Life is beautiful, Cheers! 

Unisex. 100% cotton of organic nature.