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MTR107 | Released: 2019-12-06
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Modeselektor, FLOHIO, Sarah Farina - Wealth - Sarah Farina Remix
Modeselektor, FLOHIO, Yo van Lenz - Wealth - Yo van Lenz Remix

General Infos

Berlin-based Producers and DJ’s Sarah Farina and Yo van Lenz rework the leadoff single from Modeselektor’s latest album. They amplify the track’s primal energy as well as Flohio’s furious vocals while showcasing their passion for all things rhythm, bass and breaks.

It’s their first mutual appearance on a record since 2018’s Modeselektion Vol. 4, where they contributed the joint production „Peace Dub“. Now they both get the chance to shine on their own and present their version of a hard- edged tune.
Sarah Farina stays true to her Rainbow Bass vision as she infuses „Wealth“ with lots of colorful space and raw break-neck drum beats.
By combining Baltimore Club Music with ravey oldschool Jungle, Yo van Lenz is diving deep into the Hardcore- Continuum and thereby equally nailing the traditional alliance of hi-energy MCing and uptempo breakbeats with his remix. Let them rewinds begin.

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