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50WEAPONS041 | Released: 2015-10-16

Phon.o & Paula Temple - Tw33tz / Oscillate

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Phon.o - Tw33tz
Paula Temple - Oscillate

12" Infos

A1: Tw33tz

B1: Oscillate

General Infos

50WEAPONS #41 is the 2nd installment in the label’s grand finale.
It consists of a killer pairing of two tracks aiming to destroy any dancefloor. So be careful, this one is a weapon of mass destruction.

Phon.o chose techno’s first lady Paula Temple as his counterpart and they both set out on the same mission: To leave you locked in the club for hours. But don’t worry: There’s no escape.

Phon.o’s “Tw33tz” pays homage to the label’s heritage with this sly techno track that goes from foggy darkness to 10 am euphoria. A gasping breath wreathing for air in the tight clutch of a distorted kickdrum and dubby percussions turns into a Moderat-esque bass-synth screaming hands up. The argument is overwhelming: shut up and dance.

Same goes without saying for “Oscillate” Paula Temple’s burning techno stomper. Here the atmosphere seems as compressed as astronaut ice cream. A gut wrenching sub bass introduced by the dryest kick heard on this label so far clears the space for an electro-acid synthline ready to sweep you of your feet. Club music at it’s finest: this is psychological warfare.

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