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Release Date: 2012-01-27

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - They!Live

  • CD
  • 2LP

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Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka, Abigail Wyles - No One
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka, Abigail Wyles - Battleship
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Deaf Siren
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Creeper - Album Edit
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Charlottenburg
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka, Abigail Wyles - Halo
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Juggermaut
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Elipsis Torment
Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka - Bleach & Penicillin

CD Infos

01. No One feat. Abigail Wyles
02. Battleships feat. Abigail Wyles
03. Deaf Siren
04. Creeper (Album Edit)
05. Charlottenburg
06. Halo feat. Abigail Wyles
07. Juggernaut
08. Elipsis Torment
09. Bleach & Penicillin

2LP Infos

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl

A1: No OneFeaturing – Abigail Wyles
A2: BattleshipsDrums [Additional] – L. Watkins *Featuring – Abigail Wyles

B1: Deaf Siren
B2: Charlottenburg

C1: Juggernaut
C2: Halo (feat. Abigail Wyles)

D1: Elipsis Torment
D2: Bleach & Penicillin

General Infos

“They!Live” is 50WEAPONS artist album number 3 and while again a debut album, it is completely different than the last. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka present a versatile and deep journey through the territories of clubland, equally fitting for dancefloors and home listening.

“They!Live”, their first album together, is a collection of Berlin inspired, UK influenced Detroit- and Dub-Techno, UK Funky, Deep House, Tech House tracks all recorded in Berlin between late August and early November 2011. You’ll find as much depth as you will find uplifting energy on here. There is as much darkness as light. Melodies and soundscapes go hand in hand with club pleasing beats. On some tracks you will hear the lush voice of UK singer Abigail Wyles, who came to Berlin to record with the Swansea boys.

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