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MTR075 | Released: 2017-06-23

Dark Sky - The Passenger / The Walker (Roman Flügel Remix)

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Dark Sky - The Passenger
Dark Sky, Roman Flügel - The Walker - Roman Flügel Remix
Dark Sky - Angels - Live Version

Box Infos

Dark Sky celebrated their return to the Monkeytown release schedule in style, with their long awaited second LP, "Othona".

The album was surrounded by a variety of singles, all of them as powerful as diverse.

You can now get all of them together!

The bundle includes:

Vinyl 12"

Dark Sky - Kilter / Acaica
Dark Sky - The Walker / Kilter (Danny Daze & Zenker Brothers Remixes)
Dark Sky - Othona LP
Dark Sky - The Passenger / The Walker (Roman Flügel Remix)

General Infos

Matt Benyayer and Tom Edwards aka Dark Sky follow up the release of their second LP with a new single.

„The Passenger“ beautifully encapsulates the vibe of Othana, creating a deep and emotive atmospherewhile maintaining a pounding techno undercurrent, taking you to higher states of happiness.

It is accompanied by Roman Flügel’s remix of album track „The Walker“. Being the skilled legend he is, Flügel pushes the track just a little bit more to the front, gently adding some extra bliss to an absolutely vibrant effect.

Perfectly matching the aesthetic of the the other tracks, a dreamy yet high-energy live version of „Angels“ shows what these guys are capable of in their live sets. Don’t miss out on this.

A1 – The Passenger

B1 – The Walker (Roman Flügel Remix)
B2 – Angels (Live Version)

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