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50WEAPONS049 | Released: 2015-12-11

Fjaak & Rødhåd - Super Smash / Oblivion

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FJAAK - Super Smash
Rødhåd - Oblivion

12" Infos

A1: Super Smash

B1: Oblivion

General Infos

#049 could be seen as direct proof that Berlin has been and will be the major techno city in the future. Two artists and friends meet here on a record for the first time, both have gained wide acclaim in recent years, both are from Berlin and both are known for regularly destroying clubs around the world.

FJAAK are joined on this 12″ by Dystopian head-honcho Rødhåd, who is debuting on 50WEAPONS with “Oblivion”, a track inspired by the Elder Scrolls video game.

FJAAK also took inspiration from a video game, but unlike the solo performer, who focused on a role playing game, the three boys from Spandau picked a game you can play with up to four players at the same time. “Super Smash” is inspired by the Nintendo classic Super Smash Bros, a rather chaotic beat’em up game that requires the sort of hyperactivity the FJAAKs are known for.

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