MTRXCR001 | Released: 2015-03-06

Howling - Signs Remixes

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Howling, Rødhåd - Signs - Rødhåd Remix
Howling, Kalabrese - Signs - Kalabrese Remix
Howling, Radio Slave, Thomas Gandey - Signs - Radioslave & Thomas Gandey / Last Communication Remix

General Infos

After exploding onto the scene with an accidental hit, ‘Howling,’ the unexpected duo of Australian singer/producer/cult folk artist Ry X (also of The Acid) and Berlin’s 4/4 innovator Frank Wiedemann (of Âme and Innervisions) are now on the cusp of releasing an equally surprising debut album, ‘Sacred Ground.’ Set for release in May 2015 as a collaboration between Monkeytown and Counter Records, Howling’s lush LP unfolds as subtly and instinctively as their artistic process.

By way of unveiling this beautiful album, we offer its first single ‘Signs.’ A perfect calling card for the full length, ‘Signs’ is a hypnotic capturing of their unique new sound, Ry’s ethereal vocals floating through a divine minimalistic landscape.

A carefully selected package of remixes emphasises the atmospherics inherent in Howling’s sound. Berlin native & Berghain resident Rødhåd – who runs the Dystopian label behind, amongst others, Recondite – has reworked the song into brooding, fathoms-deep, dubby techno.

Kalabrese was lauded by Pitchfork in an 8.4 scored review as ‘minimal house music’s first great defector since Matthew Herbert.’ Here, he maintains the immersive mood of ‘Signs’ whilst injecting compulsive percussion and funk-inflected keys.

Radioslave & Thomas Gandey released the acclaimed Love Mistakes LP together in 2014 as ‘Matom’ on Planet E. They turn ‘Signs’ into ominously gripping techno, replete with deep, sub-bass texture and an insistent riff. The duo also turned in a remix under their Matom guise – a project originally commissioned by RBMA to make a piece of music inspired by Berlin era Bowie. It’s a perfect fit for ‘Signs,’ itself born of Berlin’s fertile musical soil; spacey synths and gentle melody building the tension before allowing Ry’s soaring vocals to release it.

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