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MTRXCR005DNL | Released: 2015-11-20

Howling - Remixes

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Howling, Alex Banks - Short Line - Alex Banks Remix
Howling, Alex Banks - Short Line - Alex Banks Remix / Dub Version
Howling, Cubicolor - X Machina - Cubicolor Remix

General Infos

Unlikely emotive electronica heroes Howling (Ry X of The Acid, Frank Wiedemann of Ame/Innervisions) continue their blistering pace this year with the announcement of a three-track remix EP due out 20 November on Monkeytown x Counter Records.

Having already exploded onto the scene with their accidental hit single of the same name, Howling released their debut album “Sacred Ground”in May to international acclaim and fed the flames with subsequent sold-out live dates across the world, as well as impeccably curated remix packages.

Their ascent continues with these new mixes, led by Alex Banks’ take on album favorite “Short Line”. Their Monkeytown labelmate—previously lauded for his remixes for Bonobo, Andreya Triana and Husky Rescue among others—works within a familiar palette of human warmth in a stark electronic landscape, but leaves a mark all his own.

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