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50WEAPONS033 | Released: 2014-02-14

Truncate - Pressurize

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Truncate - Breakdown
Truncate - Dial 20
Truncate - Pressurize
Truncate - Bipolar

EP Infos

A1: Breakdown
A2: Dial 20

B1: Pressurize
B2: Bipolar

General Infos

David Flores, formerly know as Audio Injection, started his Truncate project mostly for DJ tool purposes. You can hear it in the production, they’re very DJ friendly tracks and as such incredibly successful sureshots for pretty much all the main techno DJs.

The tracks on his new “Pressurize EP” show a new side of the project tailored for 50WEAPONS. Still very functional, but less straight forward. Some bass music and broken beat influences shine through, but always in true Truncate style.