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50WEAPONSXTR04 | Released: 2015-01-16

FJAAK - Oben / Unten


FJAAK - Oben
FJAAK - Unten

General Infos

“Oben/Unten” paints a picture of a club in which the more pleasing sounds are played on the upper floor (Oben) while there’s a freakshow in the basement (Unten).

The heavy stomper “Oben” features a cut up of the notorious “Amen break”. Its delayed stabs, the impulsive drums and the washed out vocals almost drive you
into a trance-like state of mind.

“Unten” goes face first into the doghouse. Sweat is dripping from the ceiling, half naked bodies are jacking to the resonant sounds of the kickdrum. A HiHat and some Claps – you don’t need much more. Endlessly delayed chords foresay a night that’s never ending.

Techno in its very meaning!