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MTR079DNL | Released: 2017-11-24

CEE - Now & Laters feat. Homeboy Sandman

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CEE, Homeboy Sandman - Now & Laters
CEE - Now & Laters - Instrumental Version

General Infos

Malaysia based producer Cee delivers some stripped-down bass music candy featuring deft lines by rapper Homeboy Sandman of Stones Throw fame.

The two met at a show in Kuala Lumpur and they started talking about a track.  Cee crafted some beats in his studio on the fringe of the Malaysian jungle while Homeboy laid down his vocals in NYC. Cee’s steamy jungle studio is in a resort frequently visited by the likes of Modeselektor, Africa HiTech, Kode9 and others.

Cee has been in the game for two decades now, shaping and contributing to the global club scene with projects like Al-Haca and Bass Sekolah. „Now & Laters feat. Homeboy Sandman“ follows up his „diversions 01“ EP, released in 2016 on Dubai based 264 Records, and oh boy: This is a veteran knob twiddler that for sure knows how to rock a party.


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