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MTR058 | Released: 2015-08-07

Funkstörung - Laid Out Remixes

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Funkstörung, Anothr, Alex Banks - Laid Out - Alex Banks Remix
Funkstörung, Anothr - Laid Out - Funkstörung Remix
Funkstörung, Anothr, Mouse On Mars - Laid Out - Mouse on Mars'It's a Blader Remix
Funkstörung, Anothr, Anstam - Laid Out - Anstam's Sizzling Symptoms Edit

General Infos

Monkeytown is releasing the first remix EP for new signee Funkstörung.
As psyched as we were over the original we asked our A-list of artists to deconstruct and recreate Laid Out, the album’s first single, featuring long term friend Anothr on vocal duty.

Anstam’s genius remix stacks various rhythms in different shades of black on top of and into each other, forming synchronized movements in three dimensional space. The track sounds like a liquidized Max Escher building, with a spinet and a bubbling bass drone at the center and fractured synth arpeggios leading nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The result is hyper-futuristic dance music breaking with almost any tradition but the one of the big sub push.
Mouse on Mars continue fleshing out bass music until it funks, flutters and sounds like a robot army has found a percussive arsenal to stomp over the dancefloor with. Somewhere between UFO trap and synth footwork their remix is the heaviest banger on this 12 inch.
The other 2 remixers take it a notch back – both Funkstörung themselves and Alex Banks turn the original into a smooth euphoric broken beat of epic dimensions. Fit for the dancefloor but not too focussed on the primetime killer, both remixers lay out their aptitude for the more subtle kick. And did we mention the vocals? Stunning!

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