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Release Date: 2007-09-10

Modeselektor - Happy Birthday

  • CD

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CD Infos

01. Happy Birthday!
02. Godspeed
03. 2000007 (feat. TTC)
04. Let Your Love Grow (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)
05. Em Ocean
06. Suckerpin
07. Edgar
08. Hyper Hyper (feat. Otto Von Schirach)
09. B.M.I.
10. The Dark Side Of The Frog (feat. Puppetmastaz)
11. The Dark Side Of The Sun (feat. Puppetmastaz)
12. Déboutonner (feat. Siriusmo)
13. The Black Block
14. The First Rebirth
15. The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
16. Late Check-Out
17. The Wedding Toccata Theme
18. (I Can't Sleep) Without Music (feat. Maximo Park)

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General Infos

Modeselektor’s second album