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MTR020 | Released: 2012-01-13

Modeselektor - Evil Twin / German Clap

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Modeselektor - Evil Twin - Dub
Modeselektor - German Clap

General Infos

While it was important to Modeselektor to release the most unusual Modeselektor song “Shipwreck” as the first single from their new album “Monkeytown”, the second had to be dedicated to all the clubs out there.

So here it is, a double pack dedicated to dancefloors of all kind,the sweatiest peaks of the night and the adrenalin rush of an energetic and wild crowd.

Again you wont find the usual remix orgy of the worlds biggest remix names. It’s a simple Dub Mix of “Evil Twin” done by Modeselektor, pretty much in the tradition of the old school extended mix, paired with one of the album favorites, the UK Funky inspired “German Clap”.

Released as a strictly limited picture disc 12” Modeselektor’s second album single will be essential for DJs and collectors alike. The cover art is taken from the fantastic “Evil Twin” video feat. Evil Monkey’s Rotten Black Bananas.

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