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MTR084 | Released: 2018-06-08
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Otto Von Schirach - Ghoulies
Otto Von Schirach - Draculo
Otto Von Schirach - Astronomical
Otto Von Schirach - Triangle Bass
Otto Von Schirach - The Ufo Is Waiting

General Infos

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Supermeng’s electro funk mothership approaching, bringing blood sucking beats and supernatural tales to all earth people. The one and only Otto von Schirach, one of Miami’s most daring musical ambassadors, is back on Monkeytown Records with five new tracks. With the Draculo EP, the Bermuda triangle born producer reinvents himself with his own means and unmatched style.

Since his last releases on Monkeytown, 2013’s Supermeng LP and the 2014 single Tipo Tropical / La Plancha, Otto’s output has remained as prolific as ever, and this new EP shows how his sound and vision have evolved. While still firmly rooted in Old School electro and Miami Bass, some of these tracks opt for a relatively slow tempo and seem to be more focused and less vertigo-inducing than most of his older productions. This results in mutant, spaced out hiphop vibes similar to Kool Keith’s Dr. Octagon project or Quasimoto on tracks like „Astronomical“ and pounding loco booty bass beats on „Draculo“. But as you might have expected, the weirdo inside Otto von Schirach is untamable, and tracks „Triangle Bass“ will freak you out accordingly. This is music messing with your senses, kidnapping your mind. Better follow his instructions: „The UFO is waiting, c’mon, let’s go!“

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