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Alex Solman - Die Welt ist eine Pudel

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The illustrated book “Die Welt is eine Pudel” displays Alex Solman’s stunning illustrations which have been the visual communication of the “Golden Pudel Club” since 2004. Musicians like Carsten “Erobique” Meyer, Sleaford Mods and Modeselektor praise what can only be described as the coffee table book to end all coffee table books.

Die Welt ist eine Pudel is available in our shop as a classic version and a deluxe version which comes in a hand-crafted box including seven high-quality silk screen prints

Helena Hauff once saw a man in Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club taking a poster off the wall, rolling it up and putting it in his bag. He was about 70 years old, which caught her eye amongst the typical club goers. When she went to ask him what he was doing there, he briefly explained that he wasn’t here for the music, but for the posters that he had been collecting over the last years. All of them were on his wall at home.

Helena Hauff tells this anecdote in her statement for a new book: “Die Welt ist eine Pudel”. A collection of 168 illustrations created between 2004 and 2016, giving birth to numerous flyers, posters and vinyl covers, and as Solman fittingly designed the cover himself, the book boasts a total of 169 drawings. Like many others who have played at the Pudel, Helena Hauff honours the work of an artist whose artistic language has become inseparable from the image of the Golden Pudel Club over the years. The Heidelberg native has been the head of the club’s visual communication almost since the beginning, but would never call himself an art-director or something similar. Arrogance and egocentricity don’t belong at Pudel and aren’t Alex Solman’s style either. But somehow he always comes up with something new and astonishing, and so “Die Welt ist eine Pudel” was created to exhibit his work and honour it as it deserves.

The flyers are simple, reserved but big and meaningful at the same time. Often simply including the date of the event, the name of the DJ, and of course their personalized illustration. Simple and to the point.


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