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50WEAPONS035 | Released: 2014-03-28

Phon.o - Cracking Space Pt. 1

  • 12"
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Phon.o, Bass Sekolah - HereNow feat. Bass Sekolah
Phon.o, Bass Sekolah - Kellerkind
Phon.o, Bass Sekolah - Moonwalk

12" Infos

A1: HereNow feat. Bass Sekolah

B1: Kellerkind
B2: Moonwalk

General Infos

Phon.o´s new E.P. continues his quest into the deeper zones of club music.

Combining influences from UK House, Garage and Berlin Techno he manages to further define his very own sound.

Featuring guest appearances from malaysian duo Bass Sekolah on the hymnic ‘Here now’ and additional keyboards from San Franciscan mastermind Joshua Kit Clayton on the more introverted ‘Moonwalk’, this record has a strong narrative that manages to work on the dancefloor as well as on the home stereo. Or, simply speaking: for the girls and the boys.

The 50WEAPONS035 is intimately tied to the forthcoming #037, Phon.o’s next EP. Together they make a killer couple. Each on their own, you won´t be able to decide which one to take home with you.

This might inevitably be y/our very first menage a trois….

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