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50WEAPONS028 | Released: 2013-07-26

Addison Groove & Sam Binga - BS3

  • EP
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Addison Groove, Sam Binga - Rzor
Addison Groove, Sam Binga - Thr3id
Addison Groove, Sam Binga - 11th
Addison Groove, Sam Binga - Ol Man EK

EP Infos

Vinyl 12"

A1: Rzor
A2: Thr3id

B1: 11th
B2: Ol Man Ek

General Infos

“Bouncing 808s at 170, but it’s not jungle… chopped up vocals but it’s not footwork… all I can say is – first we lean widdit, then we rock with it!” (Sam Binga)

808 master Addison Groove is back with a fresh new EP. This time not on a solo mission, but with Bristol´s finest Sam Binga.

If you would like to pigeonhole these tracks into a genre, good luck, we ain´t gonna try! If B1“11th” sounds somewhat familiar to you, you might have heard it on Radio 1, or on Kode 9´s brand new Rinse FM Mix CD. There´s also a good chance you already heard some of these tunes in sets by D Bridge (EXIT), Kasra (Critical), B Traits, Om Unit or Fracture. Now these 4 gems are finally out on wax and digitally.