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MTR102 | Released: 2019-08-22

Catnapp - Break Remixes

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Catnapp, A.Fruit - Fight for a Fight - A.Fruit Remix
Catnapp, BABii - I Don't Care - BABii Remix
Catnapp, Nocturnal Sunshine - I Don't Care - Nocturnal Sunshine Remix
Catnapp, Doxxed, EL PLVYBXY - Lengua - El Plvybxy Remix
Catnapp, Modeselektor, HDMIRROR - The Mover - HDMIRROR Remix

General Infos

A very special array of remixers takes on a couple of tracks from Catnapp’s recently released album Break, among them Maya Jane Coles as Nocturnal Sunshine, Break collaborator El Plvybxy and Russia’s bass music figurehead A.Fruit. They all add their idiosyncratic sounds to Catnapp’s productions and voice, resulting in an even more diverse mix of styles and genres than displayed on Break.

Nocturnal Sunshine adds a dusky melody and stepping rhythm to „I Don’t Care“. Things come full circle here: Catnapp appeared as vocalist on the 2015 debut album by Nocturnal Sunshine.
After hooking up at SXSW, Catnapp did a remix for British producer BABii, who is now returning the favor with a razor-sharp experimental club mix of „I Don’t Care“.
A personal favorite of Catnapp herself, HDMIRROR’s version of „The Mover“ is a playful and loud take on Hard Dance and Trance, while Catnapp’s vocals sit perfectly comfortable in between the wildness, relentlessly pushing things forward.

(Artwork: @designerr.drugs)

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