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Release Date: 2015-07-24

Omar Souleyman - Bahdeni Nami

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Omar Souleyman - Mawal Menzal
Omar Souleyman, Four Tet - Bahdeni Nami
Omar Souleyman, Gilles Peterson - Tawwalt El Gheba
Omar Souleyman, Modeselektor - Leil El Bareh
Omar Souleyman - Darb El Hawa
Omar Souleyman, Modeselektor - Enssa El Aatab
Omar Souleyman, Legowelt - Bahdeni Nami (Legowelt Remix)

Tape Infos

Cassette Tape incl. Download Code

1. Mawal Menzal
2. Bahdeni Nami (prod. by Four Tet)
3. Tawwalt El Gheba (prod. by Gilles Peterson)
4. Leil El Bareh (prod. by Modeselektor)
5. Darb El Hawa
6. Enssa El Aatab (prod. by Modeselektor)
7. Bahdeni Nami (Legowelt Remix)

CD Infos

3fold Digipak CD

1. Mawal Menzal
2. Bahdeni Nami (prod. by Four Tet)
3. Tawwalt El Gheba (prod. by Gilles Peterson)
4. Leil El Bareh (prod. by Modeselektor)
5. Darb El Hawa
6. Enssa El Aatab (prod. by Modeselektor)
7. Bahdeni Nami (Legowelt Remix)


Box Infos

Omar Souleyman "Bahdeni Nami" (2xLP), Cassette Tape and Bandana are now available for the special bundle price of 35€
Don't sleep!

General Infos

Perhaps Syria’s most successful musical export, international singer Omar Souleyman has returned with his second proper studio effort and most personal album to date, “Bahdeni Nami”, coming this July from Monkeytown Records.

For the new album Omar opened his doors to collaborations with a number of renowned
electronic producers, all of whom were established fans keen to offer unique interpretations of Souleyman’s established sound. Four Tet returns to produce a track, Gilles Peterson lends his considerable talents to one song, Modeselektor turn in the two fastest dance numbers of the set, and Legowelt offers a remix for the title track. Additionally Black Lips’ Cole Alexander treats one of the heart-wounding ballads to a thoroughly distinctive remix that will appear on a 7” in August.

The new album was recorded closer to home, in Istanbul, and appropriately the singer is joined by traditional accompaniment. Souleyman has reunited with his favorite poet, Ahmad Alsamer (who penned his pre-west hits “Kaset Hanzel”, “Khattaba”, and “Shift –al Mani”), heard throughout the album offering claps and wails of encouragement. The songs come alive with musical contributions and support from the virtuosic saz work of Khaled Youssef, another long time collaborator from his hometown. Keyboards by Rizan Said improvise devotedly to every tune and turn of Souleyman’s choice. The lyrics are familiar territory for the singer –
declarations of eternal love, consolation of one’s aching heart, please to his lover to sleep in his arms forever – realized as four fast dance numbers, an introduction mawal, and an elaborate araby style ballad.

Despite world’s insistence to associate him with his home country’s unending war, Omar gives back nothing but Love.

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