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50WEAPONS039 | Released: 2014-10-17

FJAAK - Attack / The Wind


FJAAK - Attack
FJAAK - The Wind
FJAAK - Curious

General Infos

FJAAK are new to 50WEAPONS and they already have had a killer start. It is said that they actually sleep/live in their studio and one can easily imagin them listening to bassdrum samples for breakfast. Their rough techno tracks are driven by a fast and furious energy, that is pulsing with love for its genre.

The A side is ruled by the outstandingly well carved noises of the Kick drum’s reverb, brilliantly timed breaks and a windy flute pad that pairs perfectly with the distorted snare drum. A knack for expertly distorted drum sounds is one of FJAAK’s most distinctive features.

The B side explores the quest for finest distorted kick drum. „The Wind“ pairs it with delayed synths and a noise-come-percussion heading into deeper territories while „Curious“ on B2 sets a darker vibe with growling bass drones that sting like metallic insects and infect you with dancemania.

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