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Release Date: 2011-08-19

eLan - Alligator Snaps EP (feat. Cosmin TRG Remix)

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eLan - Alligator Snaps - Original Version
eLan - Hunting Season - Original Version
eLan - Saccharin On Top - Original Version
eLan - Shoot The Beam - Original Version
eLan, Cosmin TRG - Alligator Snaps - Cosmin TRG Remix

General Infos

Do a quick Google search for eLan and the Internet will most likely generate results for a female singer from Latin America, a reggae vocalist from LA, an all-male rock band from Slovakia or the alleged pseudo-name used by Brainfeeder artist Tokimonsta. Few results will actually tell you that eLan is also Elan Stouffer, a mysterious but prolific beatmaker currently residing in San Diego.

eLan, member of the highly praised and super eclectic WEDIDIT Collective, part of the Indigo Pyramid crew, resident of Critical Beatdown in San Diego and is currently in the middle of releasing a trilogy of EPs through Monkeytown Records. His second EP, Alligator Snaps, is slated for a release this August. Once more the EP comes in limited quantity color vinyl pressing featuring 4 brand new original tracks and a stunning remix by Cosmin TRG.

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