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Release Date: 2014-01-31

50 Weapons Various Artists - 50WEAPONSRMX01-09

  • 2CD
  • 2LP

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Moderat, Shackleton - Rusty Nails - Shackleton Remix
Moderat, Headhunter - A New Error - Headhunter Remix
Moderat, T++ - Rusty Nails - T++ Remix
Addison Groove, Rashad - I Go Boom - Rashad Remix
Addison Groove, Doc Daneeka - I Go Boom - Doc Daneeka Remix
Benjamin Damage, Robert Hood - Delirium Tremens - Robert Hood Remix
Benjamin Damage - Delirium Tremens - Long Version by Benjamin Damage
Modeselektor, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Bambounou - Negativity - Bambounou Remix
Benjamin Damage, Truncate - 010x - Truncate Remix
Benjamin Damage, SCNTST - 010x - SCNTST Remix
Cosmin TRG, Marcel Dettmann - New Structures for Loving - Marcel Dettmann Remix
Cosmin TRG, Lee Gamble - Noise Code - Lee Gamble Remix
Moderat, Anstam - Gita - Anstam's Dustified Dance Edit
Siriusmo, Anstam - Stinky Wig - Anstam's Bustified Breaks Edit
Cosmin TRG, Legowelt - Terminus Abrupt - Legowelt Remix
Cosmin TRG, Miles Against The Grain - Noise Code - Miles Against The Grain Remix
Moderat, Head High - Bad Kingdom - Head High Remix
Moderat, Marcel Dettmann - Bad Kingdom - Marcel Dettmann Remix

2CD Infos


01. Moderat „Rusty Nails – Shackleton Remix“
02. Moderat „A New Error – Headhunter Remix“
03. Moderat „Rusty Nails – T++ Remix“
04. Addison Groove „I Go Boom – Rashad Remix“
05. Addison Groove „I Go Boom – Doc Daneeka Remix“
06. Benjamin Damage „Delirium Tremens – Robert Hood Remix“
07. Benjamin Damage „Delirium Tremens – Long Version by Benjamin Damage“
08. Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team „Negativity – Bambounou Remix“
09. Benjamin Damage „010x – Truncate Remix“
10. Benjamin Damage „010x – SCNTST Remix“
11. Cosmin TRG „New Structures For Loving – Marcel Dettmann Remix“


01. Cosmin TRG „Noise Code – Lee Gamble Remix“
02. Moderat "Gita - Anstam's Dustified Dance Edit"
03. Siriusmo "Stinky Wig - Anstam's Bustified Breaks Edit"
04. Cosmin TRG „Terminus Abrupt – Legowelt Remix“
05. Cosmin TRG „Noise Code – Miles Against The Grain Remix“
06. Moderat „Bad Kingdom – Head High Remix“
07. Moderat „ Bad Kingdom - Marcel Dettmann Remix“

Bonus Tracks:

08. Cosmin TRG „Vertigo – Tale Of Us & Fango Remix“ (previously unreleased)
09. Benjamin Damage „010x – SCNTST Remix / Chris Liebing Edit“(previously unreleased)
10. Moderat „Bad Kingdom – Marcel Dettmann´s Pitch & Stretch Mix“ (previously unreleased)
11. Addison Groove & Sam Binga „Rzor – DJ Friction Remix“ 5:17 (under license from Shogun Audio)

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2LP Infos

A1: Moderat „Bad Kingdom – Marcel Dettmann´s Pitch & Stretch Mix“ (previously unreleased)
A2: Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team „Negativity – Bambounou Remix“

B1: Benjamin Damage „010x – SCNTST Remix – Chris Liebing Edit“ (previously unreleased)
B2: Moderat „A New Error – Headhunter Remix“

C1: Cosmin TRG „Vertigo – Tale Of Us & Fango Remix“ (previously unreleased)
C2: Siriusmo "Stinky Wig - Anstam's Bustified Breaks Edit"

D1: Addison Groove & Sam Binga „Rzor – DJ Friction Remix“ (under license from Shogun Audio)
D2: Addison Groove „I Go Boom – Rashad Remix“

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General Infos

The compilation presents all nine 50 Weapons remix singles so far in chronological order. The tracklist contains some of the world´s biggest producers of electronic music including Moderat, Shed, Marcel Dettmann, DJ Friction, Robert Hood, Chris Liebing, Legowelt, Miles, Truncate, Benjamin Damage, Lee Gamble, Anstam, Siriusmo, Tale Of Us, Modeselektor and many more.

At 50 Weapons we are aiming to have a slightly different focus each year. We want to keep it fresh and exciting for us and our followers. In 2012 we had a strong focus on album releases. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, Addison Groove, Phon.o, Shed, Anstam and our youngster Bambounou all released albums with us. On the downside, the label released less singles for Djs.

This year, we still released 2 fantastic albums by Benjamin Damage and Cosmin TRG, but the main focus was on a strong series of DJ tailored singles. To spice it up a bit, we also did a series of remix singles. Something we normally wouldn´t do.

Before we are shifting our focus back to artist albums again in 2014 (many strong ones are already lined up), we are releasing this very special compilation to close the first chapter on remix singles. 9 single releases plus 4 unreleased exclusives by Tale Of Us, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing and DJ Friction make for an impressive package with 2 hours of forward thinking club music.

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