Monkeytown Booking creates memorable moments by hooking up extraordinary electronic artists with venues and promoters alike. The imprint is piloted by Andrea Wünsche who was running the Magnet Musik agency for nearly 25 years before she decided to explore new horizons with us. With passion, experience and a dedicated team, we are able to follow the visions and needs of our artists. Our approach to booking is based on the belief in transparent communication and cooperation at eye-level.
Our magic formula is simple: Being well organized and committed to always deliver great work. We are part of a well established network that includes not just the Monkeytown and SSPB imprints but also agency partners, visual artists, production companies and other musicians & producers. We work with both Monkeytown artists and acts that don’t belong to the label (yet?).

General Booking Contact

Monkeytown Music GmbH
10179 Berlin
+49 30 47 37 77 67
Mobile (Andrea)
+49 171 4545143
+49 30 47 37 77 61