Catnapp drops ‘I Will Forget This’ for Explity Music

In January 2023, under the overcast Parisian sky, a new music label was born: Explity Music.
A platform “aiming to share with the world beautiful tracks, from ballads to hardcore sounds” according to its creators.

A month later, the newborn label has directly delivered a 38-track compilation featuring 30 artists – creating a homogeneous mix of hyperpop, trance, y2k and hardcore aspirations.
The secrets behind the massive participation leading to this ultra-collaborative project remain well-kept for the time being, but it seems quite obvious that Explity Music essentially acts as a collective of friends who know no boundaries and share the same values. Probably more convenient when you invite 30 people.

Beyond the precocious achievement of developing and building such a product, this compilation is also of singular importance as it includes a Catnapp track.
Since the release of TRUST on Monkeytown last May, the Argentinian artist has been back and forth playing festivals in Europe and in South America while finding time to compose a brand new temazo!

Discover Catnapp’s contribution to The World Blurs, “I Will Forget This”:

After their very first show / release party on 11.02 at the DOC in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Explity Music will be back on 2.03 in Gent (BE) and on April 1st in Toulouse (FR).

Listen to The World Blurs here! other guests include u.r. trax, Vickie Cherie, Shushu, TDJ and Swan Meat.