AASTHMA announce debut album and release “Lights Out”

AASTHMA, the brainchild of renowned producers Pär Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt, have just announced the debut album Arrival. The album holds 11 tracks in total, amongst them the first single Arrival (Fast Forward Into Love) as well as the brand new track Lights Out feat. Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds).  Arrival will land on planet earth on September 15. Limited clear vinyl (100 copies) is only available at the Monkeytown-Webshop and via Monkeytown-Bandcamp. Listen to Lights out here and pre-order Arrival here.

With its pure sonic relief – the Scandinavian duo drops an irresistibly moreish track with Lights Out. Featuring indie heartthrob Adam Olenius, lead singer of Swedish indie pop band Shout Out Louds, the song lifts up the crooning love slayer and hits him smack-dab in the chest in the best possible way. Let Lights Out transport you to a brand-new musical sphere, fitting in nicely just between the indie anthem and the techno standard.  If you have a lighter in your pocket, light it up!

The album Arrival is big, bold, bright and utterly fearless. A towering technicolor colossus, it’s described by its creators as a larger-than-life “secular rapture” that sounds like “Justin Bieber meeting up with Rotterdam Terror Corps to do an Abba cover at the Grand Ole Opry.” The vocal feature guest list includes Swedish rapper Silvana Imam, Shout Out Louds-frontman Adam Olenius, Equiknoxx-co-founder Gavsbourg, HTRK-vocalist Jonnine and glittery pop crooner Casey MQ.

The byproduct of a friendship that dates back more than 15 years, Aasthma is a collaboration between Pär Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt, and while those two are best known individually for their exploits in the techno realm, Arrival isn’t the sort of record that adheres to traditional notions of genre. Calling it a pop album might serve as an effective shorthand, but sonically, it’s a high-fidelity whirlwind, occupying a dazzling soundworld where Top 40 ballads and breakbeat rollers gleefully canoodle with trap bangers, neon-streaked EDM and guttural dancehall.

Mixed by Aasthma together with Johannes Berglund (who’s previously worked with FKA Twigs, The Knife and Fever Ray), Arrival combines technicolor maximalism with the trademark sheen of Scandinavian pop.  Arrival is an unencumbered celebration, and few things bring people together faster than an undeniable pop hook.