20 January 2017

Vinyl 12, CD, Digital


Fjaak’s path led them from the periphery to the centre and from there further through the world. Their debut album for Monkeytown is as much of a summary of what had happened in the previous three years as it is an artistic statement. Fjaak combines the energetic peak-time sound of the Berlin-based trio’s acclaimed Techno singles like “Unten / Oben” with sophisticated breakbeat arrangements and atmospherically dense Ambient textures. These eleven tracks are the provisional highlight in a unique success story which started aside club culture’s conventions and to this day refuses to compromise.

Fjaak draws its overwhelming power from Fjaak’s signature hands-on mentality and radiates the explosive charm of their live sets. In early 2016, Fjaak let FACTmag into their Berlin studio for an Against The Clock feature, the result of which - an anthemic Techno jam - showcases the trio’s spontaneous working process. “Against The Clock” sounds rough and unpolished, just like it’s supposed to be: Fjaak capture their jam sessions’ energy on Fjaak. Apart from the previously released tracks to be found on the single “Wolves / Pray For Berlin”, the album also features a reworked version of the Fjaak classic “Gewerbe 15”.

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1. Spandau Ballett
2. Sixteen Levels
3. Wolves
4. Snow
5. Offline (feat. Rødhåd)
6. Fast Food
7. Das Programm
8. Gewerbe 15
9. Tomorrow
10. Against The Clock
11. Fjksltr (feat. Modeselektor)