Moderat "Reminder" RMXs feat. Special Request and Answer Code Request Mixes


19 February 2016

Vinyl 12"


Moderat are back. With "Reminder" they blend the
spacious, highly emotional sounds of modern electronic
music with timeless songwriting. Two powerful
remixes from Special Request aka Paul Woolford and
Answer Code Request take the track to very different
dancefloors. Paul Woolford is one of the truly great
British DJs and producers. As Bobby Peru he developed
a strikingly raw, unexpectedly physical House
sound. Lately he caused a stir as Special Request,
taking the relentlessly thumping breakbeats of the
early nineties to present dancefloors. In his "Special
Request Rework" Woolford recreates the song with a
highly determined, imperious bass drum, saving the
vocal for an even more effective appearance in the
break of the track. The looped breakbeat and precise
sound splinter from the original version, giving the
track unstoppable, trashing energy, making it equally
indispensable for Bass Music and for House Music

Berlin’s Answer Code Request is one of the artists on
Berghain’s label Ostgut Ton. Pursuing the opposite
approach from his British colleague, Answer Code
Request does not develop his remix out of a groove,
but from the atmosphere, the emotional realm of the
track. Artfully orchestrating shreds of Apparat’s voice
and a series of striking hook lines and synthesizer
tracks, Answer Code Request creates one of the most
pronounced Techno tracks of this season.


  • 1 Reminder
  • 2 Fondle
  • 3 Reminder (Special Request Remix)
  • 4 Reminder (Answer Code Request)