Gajek "Restless Shapes" / 1xLP (MONKEYTOWN053LP)


Concept albums are a rare species. They seem to have a tendency to show up late on revered artists timelines. Post teenage angst and the sheer unlimited energy of the early stages of the human condition, they convey a strategy that's often been shaped by matured ideas coming together over the years. It is seldom that these are debut records. Gajek's compositions however have grown quietly under the radar, heard only by those in his inner circle. In a way this is not a debut – as this music has ripened over the course of many years. But whilst his visual oeuvre has been out there for a while, accompanying the music of Warp's Clark, Gajeks own audio is only now seeing the light of the public.

You can consume this album without paying attention to the „concept“ part of it, no worries, it is a masterfully crafted piece of intelligent electronica that is as pleasant to listen to, as it is thought though. But you can also dig deep and let yourself be amazed by the mindgames of this young producer, who is by the way also just gaining his „Meisterschüler“ in the visual arts. His idiosyncratic mastery of music however was obtained autodidactically. And that makes the beauty of it.