Benjamin Damage "4600 EP" (50WEAPONS031)


Due to problems at the pressing plant, unfortunately the delivery of this release will be delayed. We'll ship it out to you as soon as we get the vinyls into stock!

Benjamin Damage´s brand new "4600 EP" is a homage to a rare analog synthesizer and a more dancefloor orientated follow up to the album "Heliosphere".

It was performed live with resampled analogue synths, mainly the ETI 4600.

Benjamin Damage: "Most of the source sounds come from my recently repaired ETI 4600, a massive synth I rescued from a garage it had been sitting in for 30 years. It's a really unique machine with a reverb chamber and pin matrix. It spent 18 months with a synth-obsessive in Suffolk, north of London who fixed the major design faults and believes it is the only existing model that has ever worked properly."