21 October 2014 Mouse on Mars 21 AGAIN Festival

October 31 - November 1

Mouse on Mars 21 AGAIN Festival

On the occasion of their 21st birthday, Mouse On Mars celebrate with a lavish two-day 21AGAIN...
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10 October 2014 Dark Sky "Rainkist"

Out today

Dark Sky "Rainkist"

Dark Sky releasing their EP "Rainkist" , including remixes by Trevino and Marcel Dettmann. We...
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1 October 2014 Carhartt WIP Radio Show October 2014

Mouse on Mars

Carhartt WIP Radio Show October 2014

The current episode of Carhartt Work In Progress' Radio Show is online, featuring Mouse On...
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1 October 2014 Monkeytown Yard Sale

Tickets for Monkeytown Fest & more

Monkeytown Yard Sale

Monkeytown Yard Sale! Swing by Brückenstraße 1 (entrance NEXT TO Kit Kat Club)...
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26 September 2014 Anstam "Names"

Album & Video Release

Anstam "Names"

Anstam's much awaited new album "Names"is out today! Get your copy HERE . Watch the video...
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··· Modeselektor

The ancestors of Monkeytown


Wildly diverse, infused with exuberance and inspired by a slap of the absurd, Modeselektor’s inarguable grooves seem to emanate from every conceivable musical genre, creating a controlled...
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··· Siriusmo

Electro keyboard wizard


Primarily, Siriusmo aka Moritz Friedrich is a real survivalist, played in a band for many years and is a fan of old keyboards. As a professional artist (painting, illustration, graffiti)...
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··· Moderat



Moderat are Modeselektor and Apparat.

Hardly anybody has brought electronic music from Berlin to the farthest flung corners of the world with more passion and enthusiasm than these two...
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··· Mouse on Mars

Restless, irreverent and wildly inventive

Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars is one of the few electronic bands to stand the test of time. Constantly reinventing themselves, they have taken electronica to new heights with a unique blend of sound...
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