Mouse on Mars "Polaroyced"

Video launch

Mouse on Mars’ "Parastrophics", their first new album in six years, is out this week on Monkeytown Records. While working on album track “Polaroyced,” Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma watched Youtube clips of American jumpstyle dancer, Gold Inferno, and decided, if they ever made a video for this song, Mr. Inferno would be the ideal hero. So, they attempted to contact him via MySpace (no luck) and via friends in his hometown of LA (they got as close as reaching his sister), but in the end, Gold Inferno remained untouchable. Eventually, they were introduced to filmmaker Jan Bitzer who had a post-production video company called Polynoid (coincidence!) and asked if he’d like to make a video about Gold Inferno. He too could not reach the mysterious Gold Inferno, however, he found a dancer called Anthony, gave him a golden wrestler mask, made a 3D model of the video’s supporting actor, the French Bulldog, and thus, the video for “Polaroyced” was brought to fruition. After premiering album track, “Polaroyced” with a “Best New Track” last week, Pitchfork premiered the accompanying video earlier today. Check it out - MOUSE ON MARS’ “POLAROYCED” VIDEO!